European Open Innovation Practitioners Program

In collaboration with professor Frank Piller and Professor Werner Vogt, NineSigma offers a unique practitioners program on open innovation. The program helps open innovation leaders implement open innovation practices and capabilities within their organization, enabling them to boost their productivity of innovation.


Academic Leadership: Professor Frank Piller / RWTH Aachen Academy
Industry Expertise: Professor Werner Vogt
Facilitation: Rick Wielens, CEO, NineSigma Europe

Frank Piller 


Werner Vogt 


Rick Wielens 


Program Objective

The program is a combination of a master class, led by Professors Piller and Vogt together with an additional faculty of experts, and a consortial roadmap initiative that will provide value for the participating open innovation champions and their organizations. Participants will jointly develop a roadmap for implementation of open innovation. With relevant experts from companies active in open innovation, best practices are shared on key subjects using insights from academics, industry, and participating companies.

Target Audience

The program targets corporate innovators who are actively involved in running Open Innovation practices at multinationals. Time and required capacity for the program is estimated at a total of 4 full days for participants spread out over the year 2013 and 3 online webinar expert panel sessions of 1.5 hour. The webinar sessions will be recorded for participants to be able to revisit the sessions.