NextEnergy's NextChallenge: Smart Cities 2017

Today’s cities are facing many common challenges in the areas of safety, mobility, emissions, accessibility, and NextChallenge 2017 Tile.pngcongestion. With urban population estimates calculating growth to rise from 54% in 2014 to 66% by 2050, stresses on a city’s services and infrastructure are expected to grow as well. NextEnergy thinks innovation is an important mechanism to proactively address the challenges facing cities and identify opportunities for new business models.


NextEnergy, one of the nation’s leading accelerators of advanced energy and mobility technologies, in partnership with Wells Fargo, DENSO and DTE Energy are seeking to accelerate the development of hardware and/or software solutions that will address real-world challenges facing urban areas.


NextChallenge: Smart Cities 2017 focuses on accelerating connected, interactive and data driven solutions in advanced energy and mobility that address unmet needs in urban areas by seeking out solutions from technology companies with ideas to solve them (i.e. "Solution Providers"). Through this challenge, innovations will be demonstrated that create safer and more efficient places for people to live and work – and have a lower impact on the environment.


Help NextEnergy accelerate smart city solutions! Take a look at this video to learn more:



NextEnergy and their sponsors are hosting a webinar on Thursday, July 27 to answer all of your questions about NextChallenge: Smart Cities 2017. More details to be announced.

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