NCGA Consider Corn Challenge - Just Launched!

NCGA Tile_FINAL.pngField corn production makes incredible contributions to human nutrition as a primary source of feed for cattle, hogs and poultry; to cleaner air and reduced greenhouse gases as the source of ethanol fuel; and to the economy. Field corn is a reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable feedstock for chemicals. Today's sustainably produced, consistent supply of renewable corn makes it an optimal resource to drive research and accelerate society's shift to a thriving bio-based community.



Innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists and academics are invited to redefine the role of corn through the Consider Corn Challenge and explore the broad horizon of opportunity for corn as a feedstock for making sustainable chemical. From these proposals, the National Corn Growers Association plans to establish three new uses that each utilize 25 million bushels or more by 2020.



Register for our 1-hour webinar on June 28, 2017. The webinar will feature a live Q&A with representatives from both the National Corn Growers Association and NineSigma, where all of your challenge questions will be answered. Register today!

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