EMF Circular Materials Challenge Webinar

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation strives to build a circular economy for plastics in which all packaging is reused or recycled. The Circular Materials Challenge aims to inspire innovators to keep plastics in the economy and out of the ocean.


The Circular Materials Challenge is seeking alternatives to non-recyclable multi-material films used in packaging. By building a circular economy for plastics in which all packaging is reusable or recyclable, we can work toward solutions that eliminate plastic as waste. This challenge aims to create a plastics system that works.


Through the Circular Materials Challenge, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation is seeking inventors and innovators that are determined to find a sustainable alternative to disposable plastics that pollute our environment. Five individuals could be awarded as much as $25,000 each for their alternative plastic packaging idea.


Learn more about this challenge by listening to the challenge webinar recording, where you will hear from representatives from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as they discuss the challenge, how to submit your proposals, and how you can help the Ellen MacArthur Foundation promote a circular economy.

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