NSF Hearables Challenge - Just Launched!

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With 30 million Americans over 12 that have hearing loss, everyone is bound to know someone who is dealing with hearing loss. Many with hearing loss do not seek or receive hearing health care because of cost, availability of services, stigma, lack of realization that they have hearing loss, and belief that nothing can help them. While some hearable technologies (i.e. hearing aids and assistive listening devices) can enhance hearing for many individuals, there are situations where these technologies do not perform optimally. One particularly challenging situation for people with hearing impairment is understanding conversation in a noisy environment such as a restaurant. Inability to hear clearly because of background noise and intermittent peaks in noise makes following a conversation difficult. Amplification of speech sounds will also amplify the background noise.

With the Hearables Challenge, the National Science Foundation seeks to alert research communities that this problem is an opportunity. The goal of this challenge is to develop algorithms or methods that could improve hearing in a noisy setting.

To learn more about all of the challenge details, tune in to our 1-hour webinar on May 24, 2017 at 11:00 am EST. The best part: a majority of the webinar is dedicated to a LIVE Q&A where all of your personal questions about this challenge will be answered directly by NineSigma and representatives from NSF. Information on registration for this event will be available shortly - stay tuned!

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