AES Unmanned Xtreme Heat Inspection Challenge

The AES Corporation is a Fortune 200 global power company who provides energy to 17 countries in affordable and sustainable ways. With their thermal and renewable generation facilities, they have a diverse portfolio of distribution businesses and are committed to operational excellence through providing safe, reliable and sustainable energy solutions to their markets.

AES - Challenge Logo.jpgPower plant outages can happen unexpectedly, affecting entire cities and making millions of homes powerless.  Due to extreme heat conditions during electricity generation, it can take up to 36 hours for a power plant to cool down to a level that someone with personal protective equipment can safely enter to inspect and repair equipment after an outage. This, not only has the potential to be severely hazardous, but it is also such a timely process that it’s estimated that hundreds of power plants are offline globally in part due to outage-related inspections representing more than $1 billion in lost power capacity.

While AES has a mission to provide reliable and sustainable energy solutions to their markets, their number one priority is the safety of their people, contractors and communities. This is why they are looking for innovators with ideas that can solve this extreme challenge facing power plants today. They’re looking for people with ideas for innovative unmanned solutions that can resist extreme heat to keep people safe, reduce plant downtime and improve energy availability making them a safer, smarter workplace.

To learn more about this challenge and how you can get involved, watch the webinar recording below.

Olivia is a member of the marketing team at NineSigma.

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