AES Unmanned Xtreme Heat Inspection Challenge - Just Launched!

AES Tile.jpgHere in the northern hemisphere, many of us are not looking to beat the heat as we enter into the winter months. Quite the contrary. We are donning sweaters, weatherproofing our house and gathering firewood to prepare for the next few months of cold, snowy weather. However, here at NineSigma, we are asking for your help to do just that: beat the heat.

The Unmanned Xtreme Heat Inspection Challenge is looking to solve a $1B problem for the global electric utility industry while improving safety. Unexpected events cause power plant outages. Power plant outages can cause power loss for millions of people. The extreme heat conditions needed to generate electricity can extend the time of power loss for those millions of people. It can take up to 36 hours for a power plant to cool down to a level that someone with personal protective equipment can safely enter to inspect and repair equipment after an outage. This increases the time it is then possible to start generating electricity again while workers contend with potentially hazardous work.

AES, a Fortune 200 global power company, is looking to develop innovative unmanned solutions that can resist extreme heat to keep their people safe, reduce plant downtime and improve energy availability making a safer, smarter workplace. Drones, robotics, sensors and materials are just some of the solutions that could enable unmanned inspections inside high temperature boilers. Do you have a technology that could work? Visit the challenge site, register for updates and submit your solution.

To learn more about all of the challenge details, tune in to our 1-hour webinar on November 29, 2016 at 10:00 am EST. The best part: a majority of the webinar is dedicated to a LIVE Q&A where all of your personal questions about this challenge will be answered directly by NineSigma and AES. Register for your spot at the webinar here.

Help AES solve this extreme challenge and increase workplace safety while providing reliable energy to their markets. 

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