How to Go from Insights to Products Customers Want


iStock_000049226060_Small.jpgJust because you develop a new offering, doesn’t automatically mean it is something your customers will buy. The pressures of innovating quickly, before your competitors, is becoming more intense, but in the effort to win the innovation race, organizations often fail to gather the advance insights that make them successful.

NineSigma CEO, Andy Zynga, explains how these innovation failures are often preventable “with the right discovery and development process”. This process is also known as Open Design Thinking, the combination of Design Thinking and Open Innovation.

Open Design Thinking is intended to improve the success rate of product launches by combining two proven disciplines. “It's by blending Design Thinking and OI that the magic of successful innovation starts to happen.” Zynga says. “Many failed product launches originate from a strategy of creating new products from existing or new technologies, and quickly pushing them out to customers—whether they're hungry for them or not.”

Learn more about how to combine the best practices of Design Thinking and OI successfully in order to ensure that when you create, customers will buy, here


Olivia is a member of the marketing team at NineSigma.

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