NASA Space Robotics Challenge

In the near future, robots and humans working together, side by side will be a normalcy. Soon it will be regular for robots to assist with disaster relief, transport humans from place to place, repair industrial plants and even prepare habitats on Mars for human arrival.

Traveling to and living on Mars is no longer just science fiction, it is quickly becoming human reality and you can be the one to make this happen! The Space Robotics Challenge has just launched and NASA needs your innovative ideas to help further space exploration through the development of robot software.

Imagine a world full of dexterous mobile robots- a world where robots work like humans, where they can repair a tire and use a ladder just like humans, only more efficient. Can you imagine?

The future is in your hands and this is the future of space robotics.

The Challenge is now open for teams to pre-register; registration ends October 7, 2016 (5:00pm EDT). You can register today through NineSigma's Open Innovation community at, but only approved teams will receive the Official Competitor Packet. Approved challenge participants will then compete for a prize pool of up to $900,000 and winners will receive funding to continue research and discovery.

"The Space Robotics Challenge will engage all generations through innovative robotic design," said Space Center Houston's President and CEO William T. Harris. "As the need for advanced technology continues to grow, this challenge will expand the global effort to accelerate our robotic capabilities for space exploration."

In the meantime, check out this animated video to learn more about the NASA Space Robotics Challenge.


Olivia is a member of the marketing team at NineSigma.

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