Unlock the Secrets to a Successful Grand Challenge

  1. Defining a Grand Challenge
  2. Identifying the right Grand Challenge for your organization
  3. Program design
  4. Engaging the technical community
  1. Developing a timeline
  2. Prize strategies
  3. When to partner on a Grand Challenge
  4. Successfully marketing a Grand Challenge


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The CEO’s Guide to the Grand Challenge: Focusing a Visionary Organization with a Grand Challenge Contest delivers a practical guide to help organizations solve the world’s biggest issues by rallying a company's resources around a common vision in collaboration with the world’s foremost experts and scientists. Through a Grand Challenge, a company can convey visionary strength while making a positive, societal impact.

Innovation Grand Challenges have existed in various forms for centuries, from challenges to identify a ship's longitudinal location during transoceanic voyages in the early 1700’s, to contemporary challenges such as eradicating malaria or making solar energy economical.

They capture the imagination of the world and galvanize the innovator community.